Setting of the Church

St Michael the Archangel, Felton Parish Church, is seven miles North-east of Hereford Cathedral and roughly the same distance from Bromyard and Leominster. The parish covers about two square miles. The church is located near the Eastern boundary with the parish Ullingswick, part of which was formerly attached to Felton.

Church Of Michael ArchangelChurch Of Michael Archangel

The church is sited on a sandstone hillock above the nearby lane. From the church door there is, geologically, a very historic view from the Black Mountains of Wales (West) to the Forest of Dean, Wye Valley, Woolhope Dome and to the East the Malvern Hills. The rocks and fossils of the area yielded important Scientific evidence in the initial eighteenth century development of the Science of Geology as well as the names of five of the oldest groupings of rocks on the Geological Table worldwide: Pre-Cambrian, Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian (Welsh Tribes) and Carboniferous.

Local grey sandstone (Devonian) is the principal building material of the church, the adjacent former Rectory, Verger’s Cottage and the farmhouses. Roofing tiles were made in Hereford and Bromyard using the local clays. In the late nineteenth century bricks, using local clays were made in Bromyard and Hereford with roofing slates from South Wales. The parsonage stables and coach house (now a dwelling) on the lane-side is such an architectural example.

Setting of the Church

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